FINLED LIGHTING LIMITED (brand name FINELED), was established in 2010, is a professional manufacturer specializing in high quality LED lighting, integrates R&D, production and sales and has a complete industry chain and core competitiveness, absorbedly concentrated in manufacturing LED flexible light strips and neon flex strips, and smart light kits. FINELED has 150 employees and a professional production shop of 8,000 square meters, FINELED insists on continuous innovation and energetic creativity, there are more than 100 various types of independent research and development products to the market, and keep focusing on developing more than 15 new products annually.

FINELED is also focusing on OEM and ODM for providing flexibly customized products and services to our customers.

Stand by quality and service commitment, FINELED has built a mature and stable quality management system, passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) system certification, and obtained quality certifications CE, RoHS, FCC and UL&cUL certifications, this help building customer confidence in business development to global markets.

FINELED have full-set and advanced production & testing equipment, including 15 high-speed automatic placement and automatic welding, Drying room, Integrating sphere, Salt spray & Mist tester, Constant temperature and humidity tester, UV accelerated weathering tester, EMC anti-electronic interference tester, Destructive Testers, Cold and thermal shock tester, LED photo-electricity oven, etc.

Our product is sold to more than 40 countries or regions around the world and has won a famous reputation in the industry with high quality and competitiveness.

FINELED holds the belief and takes our practical action to produce the highest-standard LED lighting products with the best raw materials and most strict quality control. long-term win-win.

Manufacturing Capacity

FINELED has full-set and advanced production equipment more than 15 high-speed automatic placement and automatic welding, and complete testing equipment salt spray & Mist tester, Constant temperature and humidity tester, UV accelerated weathering tester, EMC anti-electronic interference tester, Destructive Testers, Cold and thermal shock tester, LED photo-electricity oven. The monthly average production capacity of LED strips reaches 400,000 meters, we supply the customer with high quality raw-materials and strong production capacity.

img378*242 img378*242 Automatic LED encapsulation
img378*242 img378*242 SMT workshop
img378*242 img378*242 Integrating sphere equipment
img378*242 img378*242 Automatic product oven
img378*242 img378*242 High speed SMT equipment
img378*242 img378*242 Reflow Oven
img378*242 img378*242 Wave solder
img378*242 img378*242 Automatic cutting
img378*242 img378*242 Rosin joint testing
img378*242 img378*242 Assembly
img378*242 img378*242 Productionshop
img378*242 img378*242 Full series waterproof workshop
img378*242 img378*242 Integrating sphere
img378*242 img378*242 Salt spray & Mist Tester
img378*242 img378*242 Electrical Measurement Instrument
img378*242 img378*242 Solder Paste Mixer
img378*242 img378*242 Packing Vibration Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Swing Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Folding Strength Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Twist Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Cold and thermal shock equipment
img378*242 img378*242 UV Accelerated Weathering Tester
img378*242 img378*242 Constant temperature and humidity machine
img378*242 img378*242 LED Photoelectricity Oven



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  • Propose Requirements
  • Evaluation of Feasibility
  • Input R&D
  • Establishment Schedule
  • ID Design
  • Software Design Optical Design Calorifics Design Structuial Design
  • Establish Initial File
  • MP (Mass Production)
  • Summarise Of Trial-Produce
  • Trial-Product
  • Evaluation
  • Make Samples
  • Evaluation
  • Make Hand Model
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  • Manufacturing (IPQC)
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  • Purchasing (IQC)
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  • R&D (QA)
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  • Shipping (OQC)
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