FINELED LIGHTING LIMITED was founded in 2010, is one professional manufacturer specializing in production and marketing of LED Flexible Strip, we have about 150 staffs and have qualified and talented R & D engineers, QA engineers, QC engineers that provide high reliability and high stability products, we have successfully obtained certificates of ISO9001:2015, CE,RoHS, FCC and UL,

FINELED also equipped many professional machines for quality test,for example, Salty & humidity testing, High & low temperature testing, Twist testing and UV testing etc.

FINELED select the best raw materials including LED packages, PCBs, Tins, Resistors,3M adhesive tapes and so on, our concepts are continually creating One order One BIN,the color consistency and color temperature control is a premier important for FINELED.

FINELED offer excellent marketing and after service to over 40 countries worldwide and winning a great reputation with our LED Flexible Strip.

Customized products and service are available for our customers.


FINELED have advanced LED strip lights manufacturing facilities such as high speed SMT machines, reflow equipments, constant temperature and humidity machines, aging equipment, salty and humidity testing machine, integrating sphere, twist testing machine, UV testing machine and so on, to ensure that FINELED's products conform with the standard for lighting fixture, safety, UV and blue light risks.

img378*242 img378*242 Automatic LED encapsulation
img378*242 img378*242 SMT workshop
img378*242 img378*242 Integrating sphere equipment
img378*242 img378*242 Automatic product oven
img378*242 img378*242 High speed SMT equipment
img378*242 img378*242 Reflow Oven
img378*242 img378*242 Wave solder
img378*242 img378*242 Automatic cutting
img378*242 img378*242 Rosin joint testing
img378*242 img378*242 Assembly
img378*242 img378*242 Productionshop
img378*242 img378*242 Full series waterproof workshop
img378*242 img378*242 Integrating sphere
img378*242 img378*242 Salt spray & Mist Tester
img378*242 img378*242 Electrical Measurement Instrument
img378*242 img378*242 Solder Paste Mixer
img378*242 img378*242 Packing Vibration Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Swing Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Folding Strength Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Twist Testing Machine
img378*242 img378*242 Cold and thermal shock equipment
img378*242 img378*242 UV Accelerated Weathering Tester
img378*242 img378*242 Constant temperature and humidity machine
img378*242 img378*242 LED Photoelectricity Oven

Technological process

  • Maekrt Investigation
  • Propose Requirements
  • Evaluation of Feasibility
  • Input R&D
  • Establishment Schedule
  • ID Design
  • Software Design Optical Design Calorifics Design Structuial Design
  • Establish Initial File
  • MP (Mass Production)
  • Summarise Of Trial-Produce
  • Trial-Product
  • Evaluation
  • Make Samples
  • Evaluation
  • Make Hand Model
Customer’s requirement img43*29
  • Manufacturing (IPQC)
  • img34*34
  • Purchasing (IQC)
  • img34*34
  • R&D (QA)
  • img34*34
  • Shipping (OQC)
  • img34*34
img43*29 Customer’s satisfaction




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