FINELED LIGHTING LIMITED, operating under the brand name FINELED, was established in 2010. We specialize in manufacturing LED strip lights and are dedicated to producing and marketing LED flexible light strips, LED neon flex, signage, and lighting box lighting, among other products. Our core focus lies in research and development, driven by our in-house engineering teams, to transform creative ideas into tangible products that swiftly meet marketplace and customer requirements.

We place great importance on process control, meticulously overseeing every detail from the reception of raw materials to the final finished product. Our aim is to eliminate any errors and delays, ensuring unwavering quality and reliability for our customers.

We understand the significance of reputation in influencing customer growth. At FINELED, our team is unwavering in its commitment to maintaining strict standards and exercising meticulous attention to detail, akin to iron discipline. We strive to establish a stable and dependable supply chain for our customers. Currently, we are actively seeking partners or agents in the USA and the Middle East. We invite you to engage in discussions about potential cooperation via telephone or email. FINELED is eager to share growth and benefits with partners interested in distributing our products. Certified partners and agents will receive a formal authorization letter, granting them the status of a level-one direct distributor. Are you interested in becoming our partner?

At present, we are looking for partners or agents from the USA and Middle-East, welcome to talking about cooperation by telephone or email, FINELED is pleased to share the growth and benefit with our partners, who are interested in distributing our products, the certified partners/agents will get a formal authorization letter fo as a level-one direct distributor.

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