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Benefits of Using GU10 / MR16 LED Light Bulbs To Replacing Halogen Lamp
Click:3279 Date:4/25/2012 9:01:31 PM

Benefits of Using GU10 / MR16 Light Bulbs To Replacing Halogen Lamp :


LED SPOT is an exceptional high performance LED lamp, it widely used in Hotel, Restaurant , Room, Office, Lobby, Shopping mall, Super markets, Backing light , Home and Commercial lighting and so on. 


These bulbs use just 3W/4W6 watts to produce their light, their counterparts that do not last long, consume energy more that 10 times this amount. A normal standard halogen bulb will consume about 50 watts of electricity energy to light. By comparing the two, you will know just how much you will be saving on your monthly electricity bills. This is because these bulbs do not produce heat as the others do saving further on the produced heat, which you do not really need.

[  Fully compatible with halogen lamp

[  No multi-shadow 

[  Low power consumption

[  Excellent cooling system to release heat

[  UV free, Harmless for paintings and antiques

[  No maintenance cost with long lifetime 35,000 hours


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