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Build a Flexible DSLR LED Video Light
Click:3686 Date:10/7/2013 6:51:57 PM


LED lighting panels for your DSLR are great, but they can be expensive. So why not build your own? I decided to, with a twist - literally, as my panel is flexible and can conform to various shapes for mounting or to broadcast light in various directions. 

The basic materials and tools I used are:


Neoprene - I used an old backpack made of the stuff, so free!

Hardware Cloth - not really cloth - basically a fancy name for chicken wire, available at home center

Flexible LED strips - available on eBay and such, which is where I got mine - about $15 for 300 LED strip (Mostly used on Tron Suit)

Velcro or substitute 

Flexible Wire - I used an old ribbon cable salvaged from a computer

Needle and Thread - I used heavy duty thread, but standard should be fine too

Type M port and plug (x2) - For power in and output to light panel, any type of quick connect will work

10K Potentiometer with SPST switch - For dimming/power on control




Tin Snips


Drill + bits

Soldering Iron

Epic music to work to  
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