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Why use LED drivers for LED lamps ?
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Why use LED drivers for LED lamps ?



Traditionally LED bulbs have been driven using series resistance, this usually works okay if there are no external loads applied to the circuit which may affect it. If an external heavy load is applied when an


LED bulb is running for example as the compressor or pump switch is turned on the current and the voltage immediately decrease. These dips in voltage and current seriously affect the lifetime of the LED bulb. Examples of heavy inductive loads include swimming pool pumps and large refrigerators, these can cause traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs to fail at times.


However, LED Drivers have a small integrated circuit incorporated which sense any voltage variations within the lighting circuit and will automatically compensate for any losses.


LED bulbs are infinitely more susceptible to current and voltage spikes due to their low start-up demand.


Low battery voltages can cause heat buildup due to increased resistance and high voltages can cause the LED to overdrive risking premature failure or dimming.


Also in the manufacturing process, there are sometimes minute variations in the chemical substrate, this can cause fluctuations in current demand.


Temperature is also a serious consideration in that it is hard to control without proper current regulation.

As current increases the temperature correspondingly rises. This can cause the voltage to rise across the junction leading once again to early failure if not properly regulated.  

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