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What is PF of LED light?
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What is PF of LED Light ?

Power factor is mainly a concern to commercial and industrial establishments rather than homes. If you are a homeowner or home renter, this is unlikely to concern you.
Power factor is ratio of watts to volts-times-amps. It is possible with AC for amps to be more than watts divided by volts. Amps with AC can be broken down among "real", "reactive" and "harmonic". Ideal resistive loads draw only "real" amps. Watts is volts times "real" amps.

Total amps (square root of sum of squares of real, reactive and harmonic) is what heats up wiring, fuses, breakers, and transformers. But electric meters only bill for watts. Non-"real" amps do not increase your electric bill, except by a minor amount for losses of wires carrying them, and then you only get billed for wiring losses downstream of your electric meter.

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