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Quality Policy


The "quality first, customer utmost" is our guiding philosophy, we strictly implement quality control process from the incoming raw materials to the finished product according to ISO9001 quality & management system and LQS (Lighting Quality System).


Our products are mostly CE & Rohs Certificated, Every QA & QC experts in their respective product assignments do inspects the quality at every stage of production.




FINELED liability for defects is limited to the terms and conditions of this warranty. The warranty applies to defects in the material and workmanship.


a)    This warranty does not applied cosmetic damaged or damaged due to acts of accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, by natural wear and tear, damage during transport , incorrect use , maintenance, storage or any other circumstances beyond immediate control by the Seller.  


b)    The warranty does not applied if the product was installed and used NOT comply with the provided instructions for use and the existing regulations.


c)    This warranty does not applied attempted repaired, modified or opened by any person than a facility authorized by FINE LED to service the product.


FINE LED provides warranty for the goods sold by it as follows :

Warranty Compensation will be based on ”usage factors and time in use” and “Technology Value,” and will be pro-rated based on this and information collected via the FineLED RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process.

LED Product

2 Years

3 years

Flexible LED Strips 

Aluminum Profiles

LED Spot Lights GU10/GU5.3/GU4/E14/E26/E27


LED Ultra-Slim Panel Lights


5 years

LED T8 Tubes


5 years

LED Downlighters


LED Floodlights


LED Wall Washer Lights


LED Bulbs B22/E14/E26/E27/G4/G9



LED AR111 G53/GU10/B22/E26/E27/GX8.5



LED Garden Lamps


LED Track Lamps


LED PL Lamps G24/G23


LED Lighting Controllers / Amplifiers


LED Drivers


Complaints Conditions

The Purchaser must inform in advance the relevant Seller's sales manager on the complaint. The complaint of a damaged light must be accompanied by documents, including but not limited to: a copy of the invoice, a document on payment of the purchase price, the RMA form, a photo or the damaged light. The sent light or documentation must contain a legible label with the date of manufacture. The claimed goods must not be physically damaged, damaged by a natural disaster, with unbroken seals, not altered or not removed manufacturing numbers, etc.


The purchaser contacts the relevant Seller’s sales manager during the warranty between normal business hours to deal with defects and initiate the RMA processing (Returned Merchandise Authorization), This must be completed prior to the delivery of the damaged lights. after the RMA processing authorized. Purchaser will deliver the claimed goods in the original packing with complete accessories and documentation to the Seller and replace new items with the transportation charged being paid by.


In the event of any reasonable complaint, the goods will be repaired or replaced free-of-charge.


In the event of any unreasonable complaint or beyond-warranty or post-warranty service, the Purchaser is liable to pay the extra charges, this rules will be issued in another formal documents.


Repairs or Replacements


The Purchaser is liable to immediately inspect the goods (within 30 days) for possible any missing accessories or any mechanical damage of the goods, and reported to Seller for solving in time . it will not be liable after 30 days (claims) which apply for any defects in the goods that could have been detected by the Purchaser in the first inspection.


Upon the rules of Complaints Conditions If it is not a mechanical damaged of the goods or in the event the defect cannot be detected by inspecting the goods. Like this, All defects in the goods must be reported by the Purchaser in writing and immediately, we shall send an RMA form with RMA number to Purchaser,  the Purchaser will send the defective goods back to seller , with the RAM form and invoice. In the case of the return exceed 30 days after receipts of the RMA form. the complaints would not be accepted.


Attention please to Purchaser send the defective goods back to us with appointed carrier companies / forwarder by FINE LED,  after the goods receiving, we will examine the goods and issue a RMA reports to Purchaser within one week.


After the RAM are successfully examined , for the defects are listed on the RMA form to fulfill the obligation by FINE LED according to rules of complaints conditions, Request purchaser to deliver the claimed goods in the original packing with complete accessories and documentation to the Seller. After all procedures to be finished and authorized, FINE LED will repaired or replaced free of charge. Then inform purchaser to take over the goods from carrier companies we cooperated.


FINE LED reserves right to unilaterally amend or modify the Rules of Warranty, Complaints , Repairs and Replacements .


Further , the warranty shall not apply to:


1.  Incorrect electricity connection, mechanical damage, contingent damage, damaged by unprofessional installations or electro-static discharge.


2.   Bad weather conditions, extremely unusual conditions or installation environment. For example, the ambient temperature must not exceed the operating temperature range from (0 °C to +25 °C); relative humidity at the place of goods installation must not exceed 80% relative humidity; Or in the correct electrical power source 230 V in the range exceeding +/- 10%, 110V +/- 10%.


3.  Extra lamp fixtures or components subject to wear and tear, such as all standard GU10 socket and housing to retrofits an equivalent replacement watts (halogen instead by LED spotlights), or mechanical parts subject to natural wear and tear.

The Rules of above with effective as of 1st  February of 2014.

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