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1/. Reserach & Development

FINELED realized the demand for innovation in the early stages of the LED revolution and are focused strongly on expanding its internal R&D capabilities.

FINE LED experienced R & D teams always study the lastest LED technology and developing the newest product unseasing , here 8-10 new LED products FINE LED bring every year.

New products considering fully of optical design , electroic design, thermal design and concept design.

Each of new products has to make the assumate testing for above six monthes .  then we are able to make mass production ONLY base on every product performance comply with LQS (Lighting Quality System) and EU member state's lighting safety standard.

We also strictly perform other safety standard EMC, LVD of electronic.  Which compliable with EU, Middle East and USA etc...

2/. Environment and Management Advantages

Fine LED has modern and antistatic work shop. we provide tidy work shop for our all production operation. We make sure that our staffs have to wear antistatic clothes and shoes during the production for safe and comfortable environments. So as to bring out their most capability and providing best products for every one of our valuable customers.

3/. Raw-materials Advantages

We control the every kind of raw-materials from the beginning, select top-grade quality brand components to guarantee its reliability capacity, steady function and long lifetime.

a, Lighting Source

The corn light sources (LEDs) importing from the brand companies of world areas (USA, Taiwai, Korea, Japan etc.) and TOP encapsulation compaies in China,  FINELED carefully selects and group by spectrophotometer machine according its Bin Number and color density of every color temperature range.

Our LEDs is high brightness in biggest size (SMD 5050 3*12*12mil, SMD 3528 10*23mil,  COB and power LEDs 45mil ), and we resist better to voltage fluctuation which result in smaller current fluctuation. And very small decline in brightness for long period of time.

b, Industrial Design


c, PCB Design

FINE LED PCB wiring and lamp housing are specially designed which fully considering electronics, themal management, light spread, brightness etc.

d, Thermal Design

e, Optical Design

FINE LED excellent optical design to reach ideal luminous intensity distribution and the luminous flux of LED.  Construct a comfortable light environments.

f, Driver Design

FINE LED driver (LED’s heart) is fully approved by power conversion efficiency, EMC / EMI, constant current source, protection of electrical short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current and over-heat. as well as consider the reliability and steady of driver so as to export qualified products to oversea customers.

4/. Quality Control

        Complying with EU safety standard and ISO9001:2008,  we do production every lamp in high-end quality components and experienced crafts. our QC controls the every loop of the production from the beginning to the ending.  In another words “ from raw-materials coming untill to the shipment ready”. 

We will examine appearance,crafts,color temperature which are bound up with quality of lighting product.

FINE LED Strict performs IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC for the production of every orders.

As well as all of finished products must be aging 48 hours and OQC will do final inspect to ensure every quality product ship to our customers.

Take the LED STRIP for example,

a, FINE LED use brand chip EPISTAR SMD with large size and constant current 20mA, the large size chip, better heat dissipation, better phosphor, the appropriate constant current will allows a long life.

b, FINE LED use thicker & double-layer 1.5-2 Oz PCB,  thicker PCB being efficiently enlarge cooling area for super heat conduction.

c, FINE LED use original 3M adhesive tape for easier installation and use.  When you plan to take off, it is also simple.

d, Connecting wire: it is made from high grade tin copper .

5. Warranty Completely & Strongly

For all defects to fulfill the obligation by the FINE LED according to rules of complaints conditions, Request purchaser to deliver the claimed goods in the original packing with complete accessories and documentation to the Seller. After all procedures to be finished and authorized, FINE LED will shall repairs or replaces free of charge. Then inform purchaser to take over the goods from carrier companies we cooperated. 

Our buyer can be fully protected with complete warranty policies.

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